Tianjin Tianyuan Electronic Material Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin Tianyuan Electrical Materials Co., Ltd. is enterprise in China to adopt the “salivation” and “biaxial stretching” membrane process technology for production. At present, the company has a wholly-owned subsidiary, three production plants, ten polyimide production lines and nearly 200 excellent employees. In addition, the company was officially listed on the New Third Board on February 14, 2017, and entered the new third board innovation layer in 2021, docking into the capital market, laying a solid foundation for the future development of enterprises.
The company mainly produces “Jinpeng” brand polyimide film, polyimide film F46 tape, black and transparent polyimide film and special performance polyimide film. Polyimide products are one of the high grade insulating materials in the world at present. They have excellent high and low temperature resistance and thermal stability. They will not deform in the range of – 200 ℃ to+260 ℃ for a long time and maintain their excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties and high flame retardancy. In addition, the polyimide film itself is non-toxic and its excellent chemical corrosion resistance and radiation resistance in use ensure that it can be used in many fields and cannot be replaced. These excellent characteristics make polyimide films widely used in insulation fields, such as large motors, electromagnetic wires; Electronic industry: such as LED, FCCL (flexible copper clad plate), mobile phone and other electronic products; Battery industry: such as protective tape; Other applications: such as audio speakers, high temperature labels, etc.
As the first enterprise in China to develop and produce polyimide film and products, our company has produced and sold this product in batches as early as the early 1970s, and has been leading the country in terms of product quality and innovation. At present, our products have obtained the UL certification of the United States and passed the ROHS and SGS tests, meeting the requirements of the European Union standards. The company has also been certified as a national-level “specialized new giant” enterprise and Tianjin municipal enterprise technology center.
The company’s products are not only sold to high-end enterprises in most provinces and cities in China, but also exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union, Taiwan and other countries and regions in large quantities, and are highly praised by users at home and abroad.