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Tianjin Tianyuan chance Electrical Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the key enterprises in China’s electrical and insulating materials industry. It is an enterprise restructured from Tianjin General Insulating Materials Factory. It has a history of nearly sixty years from the establishment of the original enterprise to the reorganization of the new enterprise. Our company is the earliest enterprise in China to develop and produce polyimide films and products by “salivation” and “biaxial stretching” processes, and it is also the earliest enterprise in China to push polyimide products to cutting-edge industrial fields. Since the early 1980s, our products have been used in rockets, satellites, etc., and have contributed to the launch and docking of Shenzhou V and Shenzhou VI manned spacecraft, Tiangong I, Shenzhou IX and Changzheng II. And has been certified by the state as a “high-tech enterprise” and enjoys a great reputation in China.

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TY6254- F46 Adhesive Tape

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TY6051-MT Thermally Conductive Film

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TY6251-F46 Flat Plate

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TJ251 Silicone Tape

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TY6052E Low Expansion Coefficient Film

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TY6254 F46 Tray

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