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Responsible for one's own conscience, responsible for corporate interests,
and responsible for customer value

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Our philosophy: customer service, customer first, professional technology and security.

Tianjin Tianyuan Electrical Materials Co., Ltd. is  enterprise in China to adopt the “salivation” and “biaxial stretching” membrane process technology for production. At present, the company has a wholly-owned subsidiary, three production plants, ten polyimide production lines and nearly 200 excellent employees. In addition, the company was officially listed on the New Third Board on February 14, 2017, and entered the new third board innovation layer in 2021, docking into the capital market, laying a solid foundation for the future development of enterprises.

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TY6254- F46 Adhesive Tape

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TY6051-MT Thermally Conductive Film

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TY6251-F46 Flat Plate

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TJ251 Silicone Tape

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TY6052E Low Expansion Coefficient Film

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TY6254 F46 Tray

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