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Promote the innovation and development of my country’s insulation industry Experts and scholars discuss the development trend of new insulation materials

From August 10th to 12th, the 14th National Academic Exchange Conference on Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. Representatives of well-known experts, scholars, technicians, and managers from related enterprises, universities and research institutes in the fields of insulation materials, motors, power generation equipment, transformers, electronic devices, high-voltage transmission and transformation stations, etc. at home and abroad, focusing on the latest research on insulation materials and insulation technology The achievements and development trends will be discussed in depth, and the research countermeasures and development directions of cutting-edge basic technology under the background of high-quality economic development will be jointly explored.

The National Academic Conference on Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology is the most extensive, authoritative, and most dynamic academic activity in the insulation industry in my country. This year’s conference will carry out academic exchanges on the fields of ultra/ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation, rail transit, new energy fields such as nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, and new insulating materials and insulation technologies used in electronic capacitors and other fields. The demand and development trend of insulation materials and insulation technology in a period will clarify the ideas for the innovative development and application of new insulation materials, and point out the direction for the next development of the insulation industry.

A total of 25 thematic reports were arranged at the conference, including 15 specially invited reports and 25 domestic and foreign experts were invited, covering the characteristics, applications and development trends of different types of insulating materials and insulation technologies, as well as the application and development of new insulating materials. The development and innovation of my country’s insulation industry has important guiding significance. The conference awards awards to some of the outstanding papers selected in the conference. The special reports and papers discussed and exchanged during the meeting not only involve the development and performance research of various new insulating materials, but also the application, new technology, new equipment, and standards of insulating materials. In terms of detection technology and other aspects, there are both theoretical research and practical technology, both product development and achievement transformation. It has strong forward-looking and directionality, and has played a leading and guiding role in the development of insulation materials and insulation technology in my country.

According to reports, the insulation industry is an important industry closely related to new infrastructure, 5G, new energy and other fields. Insulation material is an indispensable key strategic material in electrical products. Insulation technology is the core key technology of electrical products. Its reliability directly determines the reliability of electrical product operation. It can provide product insulation design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance process. Full life cycle technical support. It is the core element to open up the “last mile” of green and intelligent technology development. The development and progress of insulation technology will effectively promote the comprehensive development of sensor technology, data processing technology, big data technology and other industries, and provide a strong guarantee for promoting social scientific and technological progress and realizing scientific and technological self-reliance.

The event was hosted by the China Electrotechnical Society Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology Special Committee, the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Insulation Materials Branch and CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. As the organizer of this conference, Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. is the unit responsible for the Insulation Materials Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and the Secretariat of Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology Professional Committee of China Electrotechnical Society. In recent years, in order to promote and exchange scientific and technological achievements in the industry, accelerate technological innovation, and promote the academic progress of the insulation industry, Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. has innovated working modes, improved working methods, held special conferences focusing on industry hotspots, and organized industry experts to compile a new edition of “China Insulation Material Product and Application Manual”, carry out relevant training for industry needs, improve the editing quality and influence of “Insulation Material”, the only core journal in the insulation industry, and have been widely recognized and responded positively by the electrical industry. Contributed to the scientific level.

Article source: Science and Technology Daily