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Economic Development Zone Enterprise News丨The 14th National Academic Exchange Conference on Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology was successfully held

In order to comply with the development of the times and the needs of the industry, develop new high-performance insulating materials under the dual-carbon strategy, and solve the key technical problems of “stuck neck” in the field of insulation. The 14th National Academic Exchange Conference on Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology sponsored by the Committee, China Electrical Appliance Industry Association Insulation Materials Branch and CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. was held in Xi’an.

Well-known experts from related enterprises, universities and research institutes in the fields of insulation materials, motors, power generation equipment, transformers, electronic devices, high-voltage transmission and transformation stations, etc. at home and abroad, conducted in-depth discussions on the latest research results and development trends of insulation materials and insulation technology , to jointly explore the research countermeasures and development directions of cutting-edge basic technology in the context of high-quality economic development.

At the meeting, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd., together with the guests, focused on the research status of nano-polymer dielectric composites, new technologies and new materials for high-frequency insulation of new energy with dual carbon targets, and the key to localization of high-end capacitor dielectric materials. In-depth discussions and exchanges will be conducted on industry hotspots and focus issues such as technology and the development trend of insulation technology for rail transit traction systems.

The conference lasted for two days. More than 20 experts and scholars focused on the research progress in the fields of ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation, rail transportation, new energy fields such as nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, and new insulating materials and insulation technology in electronic capacitors and other fields. Sharing, clarifying ideas for the innovative development and application of new insulating materials, pointing out the direction for the next development of the insulation industry, promoting exchanges and cooperation between relevant units of production, education, research and use of insulating materials, and helping enterprises in the industry to correctly understand the current industry. The technical bottleneck is conducive to the sustainable, stable and high-quality development of the insulation industry.

Article Source:China Daily