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Winding and wrapping method of electrical insulating tape at wire connection

The insulation treatment at the wire connection is usually wrapped with insulating tape. Insulation tapes commonly used by electricians include yellow wax tape, polyester film tape, black tape, plastic tape, rubber tape, etc. The width of insulating tape is usually 20mm, which is more convenient to use.

1. Insulation treatment of general wire joints
The wire joints connected in a straight line can be insulated as shown in Figure 1. First wrap a layer of yellow wax tape, and then wrap a layer of black tape. Start wrapping the yellow wax tape from the well-insulated insulating layer on the left side of the connector. After wrapping it twice, enter the core wire where the insulating layer has been stripped [see Figure 1(a)]. When wrapping, the yellow wax tape should form an inclination angle of about 55° with the wire, 1/2 of the tape width per turn [see Figure 1(b)], until it is wrapped to the sound insulation layer two turns away from the right side of the connector. Then connect the black tape to the end of the yellow wax tape, wrap it from right to left in another oblique stacking direction [see Figure 1(c), Figure 1(d)], still 1/2 of the width of the stacking width per circle , until the yellow wax tape is fully wrapped. During the wrapping process, the tape should be tightened with force, and be careful not to be sparse and not to expose the core wire to ensure the insulation quality and electrical safety. For 220V lines, yellow wax tape can also be used, and only black tape or plastic tape can be used to wrap two layers. PVC insulating tape or polyester insulating tape should be used in wet places.

2. Insulation treatment of T-branch joints
The basic method of insulation treatment of wire branch joints is the same as above. The wrapping direction of T-shaped branch joints is shown in Figure 2. Take a T-shaped back and forth, so that each wire is wrapped with two layers of insulating tape, and each wire should be wrapped Wrap to twice the width of the tape across the sound insulation.

3. Insulation treatment of cross branch joints
When insulating the cross branch joint of the wire, the wrapping direction is as shown in Figure 3, go back and forth in a cross shape, so that each wire is wrapped with two layers of insulating tape, and each wire should also be wrapped in good condition. At twice the tape width of the insulating layer.

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