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Northwest Power Grid’s first domestically produced 110kV high-voltage cable with insulating material was put into operation in Shizuishan

Ningxia News Network News (Reporter Qi Yingtao) On July 29, the reporter learned from the State Grid Shizuishan Power Supply Company that recently, the domestic high-voltage XLPE cable was successfully put into operation on the Shizuishan power grid 110 kV constant carbon line, marking the first application of domestically produced cables. The high-voltage cable line of high-voltage cable insulation material is officially running on the grid in the Northwest Power Grid.

High-voltage XLPE cables have become the key equipment for long-distance, large-capacity power transmission and flexible interconnection of large power grids due to their simple structure and convenient manufacturing and installation. They are widely used in projects such as urban power grid transformation, cross-regional networking, and offshore wind power access. The development of high-voltage cable insulation materials in my country started late. Previously, all insulation materials of 110 kV and above relied on imports. In order to break through the core technology of high-voltage cables as soon as possible, under the organization of State Grid Corporation, all relevant manufacturing enterprises and test operation and maintenance units jointly carry out research on key technologies of simulation design, material research and development, cable manufacturing, and system matching, and overcome the defect control of domestic cable materials. And key technical problems such as batch preparation, cable roundness control and accessory design, developed a domestic XLPE insulation material and cable system with independent intellectual property rights, which will be put into operation for the first time in 2021 and gradually integrated into the national grid system. Promote the application.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the cable, State Grid Shizuishan Power Supply Company held several seminars, organized relevant professionals to investigate the site in advance, and communicated closely with cable manufacturers and terminal manufacturers to determine the construction plan. During the laying operation of the 110 kV constant carbon line cable, the company strictly implemented the hierarchical management and control of operation risks, implemented various safety measures, advanced the construction progress in an orderly manner, successfully completed the test and acceptance work, and ensured that the pilot project was put into operation on schedule.

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