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TY6051-MT Thermally Conductive Film

Thermal conductive polyimide film is a polyamic acid resin made of a new formula of new anhydride monomer and new amine monomer. It is a new type of polyimide film produced by biaxial stretching process. It not only has all the excellent properties of ordinary polyamic acid film, but also has higher dimensional stability, high elastic modulus and good heat conduction ability.

I.Technical Requirements

1.Thickness and width
In Microns

II. Application

6051-MT thermal conductive polyimide film has high dimensional stability and similar CTE to copper foil, so it is especially suitable for manufacturing copper clad laminate in FPC industry. In particular to a heat-conducting double-sided flexible copper clad laminate. The thermal conductive polyimide film improves the thermal conductivity of flexible copper clad laminate, reduces the thermal resistance, enhances the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capacity, and expands the application range.

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