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6052XE50-5um high modulus polyimide film technical standards

High-modulus polyimide film is a kind of resin synthesized by a special formula. The high-modulus polyimide film produced by biaxial stretching process not only has the excellent comprehensive properties of ordinary polyimide film, but also has higher modulus and mechanical strength, lower shrinkage and lower thermal expansion coefficient.
Application: Products can be widely used in high-end electronic industry, high-precision flexible printed circuit board, aerospace and other industries.

No. Indicator Name Unit TY6052XE50Performance index value
1 Appearance / The surface should be smooth and clean, and there should be no wrinkles, tears, particles, bubbles, pinholes, foreign impurities and other defects, and the edges should be neat and undamaged.
2 Thickness and allowable deviation um 5
3 Tensile strength Vertical MPa ≥200
Horizontal MPa ≥200
4 Elongation at break Vertical % ≥25
Horizontal % ≥25
5 Young’s modulus of elasticity Vertical MPa ≥3500
Horizontal MPa ≥3500
6 Electrical strength Average value MV/m ≥220
Individual values MV/m ≥150
7 Thermal shrinkage


Vertical % ≤0.15
Horizontal % ≤0.15
8 Surface tension dyn ≥52
9 Surface resistivity Ω ≥1.0×1010
10 Volumetric resistivity Ωm ≥1.0×1014
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