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6052BW black matte polyimide film technical standards

Black matte polyimide film is a black polyimide film (true color black) made by a special formula and process. It has good shading and matte brightness; At the same time, it has excellent high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, chemical stability, good mechanical properties and thermal conductivity.
Application: The product has excellent shading performance and is an ideal material for black high-temperature resistant adhesive tape, black high-temperature resistant label and black covering film.

No. Indicator Name Unit TY6052BW performance indicator values
1 Appearance / Black, flat and smooth surface, no creases, tears, particles, bubbles, pinholes and foreign impurities and other defects edge neatly without breakage.
2 Thickness and allowable deviation um 12.5 15 18 20 25


±2 ±2 ±2 ±2
3 Tensile strength Vertical MPa ≥120
Horizontal MPa ≥100
4 Elongation at break Vertical % ≥20
Horizontal % ≥20
5 Industrial frequency electrical strength Average value MV/m ≥60
6 Surface resistivity Ω ≥1.0×1010
7 Glossiness (60° angle) GU ≤65
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