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TY6051 Polyimide Film

First、Scope of application
The polyimide film is produced by “salivation method”, which has high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and excellent dielectric properties. Suitable for H-class motor, electrical insulation and other electrical insulation materials.
Second、Skills Requirement
1. Appearance: The film surface is smooth and clean, and there should be no wrinkles, tears, particle bubbles, pinholes, foreign impurities and other defects. The edge is neat and undamaged, and the film is supplied in rolls.
2. Size
1) Thickness and allowable deviation: recommended thickness, and can also be supplied according to user’s requirements.
2) Width and length: according to customer requirements.
3. Performance requirements
Third、 Packaging marking, storage and transportation
1. The film is supplied in a roll because it is rolled on the tube core; Each roll is packed and sealed with plastic tape, and placed in a dry and clean box.
2. Each package should indicate the model, product name, specification, batch number, gross weight, factory name and manufacturing date. And have the product inspection certificate. At the same time, the words “moisture-proof” and “impact-proof” should be marked on the package.
3. The film should be stored in a dry and clean room, with a storage period of two years from the date of delivery. If it exceeds the storage period, it will be inspected according to the standard, and the qualified ones can still be used.
4. During storage and transportation, damp and mechanical damage should be avoided.
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