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TY6254- F46 Disc Piece

Standard No.: Q/12YJ4214-2023
  1. Application:

This product is an adhesive tape (hereinafter referred to as adhesive tape) made of biaxially stretched polyimide film coated with F46 glue on one side or both sides by a special process. The adhesive tape is used as insulating material for wrapping electrical wires at 350℃~380℃.

  1. Technologicalrequirements:


The tape is dry, smooth as well as free from any bubble or impurity, etc.


1).Length: The length of every roll  is not less than1000 m and the number of splices is no more than 4.

2).Width  and  tolerance  : 10mm±0.5mm, 15mm±0.5mm, 20mm± 0.5mm,


Oher specifications can be offered according to the requirements of customers.


  1. Performances


NO Index Description Unit Index Value(TY6254-FN)
0.033mm 0.038mm 0.050mm
1 Thickness and tolerance mm ±0.003 ±0.003 ±0.004
2 Tensile Mpa ≥140 ≥100 ≥100
3 Elongation % ≥55 ≥55 ≥55


(double S)tape to tape tape to copper

(single S)tape to base

N/10mm ≥3.5













tape to copper
5 Dielectric  strength MV/m ≥197 ≥157 ≥130
6 *Surface resistivity Ω ≥1.0×1012 ≥ 1.0×1012 ≥1.0×1012
7 *Volume resistivity Ω.m ≥1.0×1013 ≥ 1.0×1013 ≥1.0×1013

II Package, mark, storage and transportation

1.The adhesive  material  should  be  wound  in  a  core  of  inside  diameter 40mm  and  put  it  in  a plastic bag and sealed and put it in a clean and dry carton.

2.There should a certificate in the box and with a mark of product name, spec, batch number, net weight, gross weight, date of production, company’s name and words of ”dampproof’ and ‘anti shock’etc.

3.The storage period is half a year from the date of production. The material will be tested again if the storage period is over half a year. The material still can be used if test values are ok.

4.The material should be stored in dry, clean and ventilated warehouse.

5.When in transportation, the material should be protected from light, dampproof.

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