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TJ251 Silicone Tape

Standard: Q/12YJ4212-2014
First、Scope of application
Polyimide film silicone tape is made of polyimide film coated on one side with high temperature resistant silicone pressure sensitive adhesives. It has certain surface self-adhesion, peel strength, cohesion and shear strength. The adhesive tape is suitable for H-class insulation of motors, electrical appliances, cables and electronic products.
Second、Skills Requirement
1. Exterior
The tape surface should be flat, bubble-free, adhesive-free and uniform. When uncoiling, the adhesive layer will not transfer, and the edges will be neat without damage.
2. Size
1). Length of adhesive tape
The length of each roll of tape is 33m~60m or according to the user’s requirements.
2) Width of adhesive tape
The width is less than 560mm, and the deviation is ±0.5mm ..
3) Nominal thickness and allowable deviation
3. Tape Performance
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